Show Ponies


2021 is really looking up! America now has a new monthly show starring drag icons JACKIE BEAT & SHERRY VINE!

Thanks to modern technology, these two legendary SHOW PONIES can prance right into your living room and you don’t even have to put on pants… Or hide your purse… Or vacuum up the glitter afterwards!

Yes, each and every month these ageless champions of crass cross-dressing will stun and amuse you with a hilarious theme show featuring all-live singing. The theme for March is, of course, DAYLIGHT SHAVINGS!

So get ready to Spring Forward with a HAIRstyerical hour of all-live singing & RAZOR-sharp comedy that arrives just in the NICK of time! These two CUTTING-EDGE icons are both as SMOOTH as a baby’s behind… Which might explain why most people have an uncontrollable urge to diaper their faces! It would be March Madness to miss it!

Produced by PT Media LLC